Asset or Liability?

What’s your greatest asset? If you’re a home owner, it might surprise you that the answer is probably not your house. In this episode we’ll talk about why that is, as well as what an asset truly is and what your life aim should be if you want to thrive financially.

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Beating Inflation

What’s the best place for your savings? Cash under the bed? In your current account? In a cash ISA? Actually, all of those things will lose you money. In this episode we explain why that is and what you can do about it.

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Why getting rich quick isn’t the answer

Do you ever dream of getting rich quick? Wouldn’t it be amazing to suddenly have an incredible amount of money?

Actually, no. There’s a better way. Find out more in this episode of Financial University.

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Get Started with Passive Income

There are two distinct types of work in the world we live in. If you have a job and get paid for the hours you spend working, whether it’s per hour or on a yearly salary, then you have an active income. You might have a few days per year holiday, and some allowance if you’re sick, but generally if you don’t show up to work, you won’t get paid.

But the other way of working is called passive income. With passive income, you get paid every day whether you go to work or not. I make all of my money from 100% passive income, and it’s amazing. In this episode, Luke explains more about what passive income is and how you can get started.

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Developing a Vision for your Money

In this episode of Financial University, we look at the most crucial element to thriving in your financial life. This is the starting point for everything, the foundation if you want to succeed. Find out how to develop a vision for your money and make it an integral part of your life.

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3 Steps to Improve Your Budget

Setting up a full budget can be time consuming and a bit daunting. In this episode, Kevin looks at three phrases you can apply to your every day spending to get it under control.

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Cashflow Quadrants

This episode discusses the cashflow quadrant model, taken from the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ books by Robert T Kiyosaki. He devised this model to describe the 4 different types of people that make up the world of business.

David gives a brief overview of the quadrants (through the eyes of a Doctor) to help you identify which you quadrant you are currently in and where you would like to be in the future.

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Overcoming Redundancy

Being made redundant is a challenging experience, especially when finding your next role takes longer than expected. Not only are there money worries, but also it can be hard to stay positive, stay motivated, and feel valued. In this episode I speak to Simon, who, like so many others, faced redundancy during the current pandemic. He shares some great practical advice and wisdom that got him through this difficult season, and how he came out the other side to a great new job.

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Starting a Business in Lockdown

For many, starting a business means taking a big risk, and with so much financial uncertainty around us right now it seems like a crazy time to start a business. But in this episode, I speak to Laura who had done exactly that — she has started the business she’s been dreaming of for years, and she’s done it all during lockdown.

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Living Intentionally With Your Money

Do you ever feel like your finances are in control of you, rather than the other way round? Do you struggle towards the end of the month, or feel uncertain about what’s coming in and out of your bank account? Do you wish that you were in control and living with purpose when it comes to money? The secret is budgeting.

In this episode, we discuss how to set up a budget, how to stick to one, and the life transforming power of being intentional with money through budgeting. And Kevin reveals how you could save the equivalent of £200,000 per year!

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